Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shaklee to the rescue once Again!

Hello all!

Let's start this blog post with a negative and then finish on a positive note... k?

So while having a little looksy around blogland yesterday I came accross this from one of my favourite bloggers.... none other than the Thrifty Decor Chick.

So I decided to look through my garage sale box from last summer and I found this beaut.

I got out my craft paints...

And when I went to mix the two of them in an old container... the one on the right... the brown one, squirt a little too hard, and a bunch of paint ended up on my fave yoga jacket!!!! 
 I love this jacket, it makes me look feel so svelte!  ;-)

Here's a pic of it with the Permanent acrylic paint on it.

Sorry, it's not very clear, but normally I would have just thrown it in the wash (or garbage),
but I needed pics for evidence (and blog).

I got out some of Shaklee's Nature Bright...

and cause I was in a hurry sprinkled too much EVERY-WHERE!!

(That's one big mess!)
I added a bit of water and made a paste with it
and rubbed on my jacket.

Then I ran upstairs and got more clothes to add to the washer.

And started a load of laundry!


Here is wha it looks like now.

Not one spot of permanent-acrylic-fast-drying- paint on my jacket!!


 While I waited to find out if I had permanently ruined my jacket, I tried to deal with my craft fail...

I got out one of my other fave Shaklee products..., Basic H2

 I put a few drops of Basic H2 on the super-stuck-on sticker on the glass, and let it sit for a minute or so. 


Then I grabbed a cloth and wiped it clean.  No sticker.  No residue. No effort (and frustration)

Here's the frame afterwards.

So, are you wondering which is the craft fail?  That brown that I painted on the frame, is really gross looking. 
Kind of like a milk-chocolate brown.  And milk-chocolate brown is great looking on a chocolate bar... but on a a picture frame, it looks like... you know what...

So I'm still working on the craft... I'm thinking my usual black frame will have to do.

But here's the yoga jacket before and after again... cause I'm sooo darned excited, the paint came off!!



Awww... lovely once again!

By the way is anyone else going to the Bingeman's Blogger event tonight?

I am so excited that I was invited... with the family!!!

Be sure to say "hi"!

I may or may not be wearing THAT yoga jacket. ;-)

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