Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yes.... I'm still here.

Helloooooo.... (echo... echo)

Is anyone out there??


Yeah, I know I'm a bad blogger.  I decided to take alot some time off from blogging and several other activities in my life and I forgot to tell people.  (blush)

So what have I been up to since May? hmmm... a couple of things.
  1. On May 31st my father in law passed away after a 4 year battle with lung and brain cancer. The last few months leading up to his passing were very difficult for our family especially the last week or two.  he passed on with my hubby and his mother by his bedside.  I still have a hard time believing he is gone.
  2. I started my first garden.  I planted tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, and lettuce.  We've eaten beans, the lettuce and zucchini, but I'm still waiting for the tomatoes to go red. My guess is I didn't water them enough, and oh yeah I didn't put them into the ground until end of June. The zucchinis however are taking over.  So if you live near me don't be surprised to find zucchinis on your door step.
  3. My mom decided to surprise my sister and I and came to visit us in Canada (she lives in Portugal).  And... no she didn't call the night before she was to board the airplane to tell us.  And... no she didn't call from the airport for one of us to pick her up from the airport.  Nope, she didn't do any of that.  My sister and I were invited for lunch at my aunties house and there was my mom. In Canada.  For 3 weeks! Surprise!!  Apparently my dad had surprised her with flight tickets for her 60th birthday and then she decided to surprise us.  It was a huge surprise!
  4. We celebrated Little A's 5th birthday with a pool party.  He had his 10 closest buddies from his Junior Kindergarten class over for a swim and cake and a pinhata. Up until now all of his parties have been with family and friends, this was his first party with HIS own friends.
  5. After a 7 year hiatus.... WE WENT CAMPING!! (And yes I know those are in capital letters.)  Before Anthony was born we had been camping a few times at Killbear Provincial Park, but he was born I always had an excuse.  But I dusted off the old tent and sleeping bags and off we went.  And we had a great time.  The first night there was quite the thunderstorm and lighting show, which kept me awake all night, but other than that, we had a great time.
  6. This summer 5 friends and I left our families to fend for themselves for four days and went to Montreal for a 40th Birthday Celebration.  All 5 of us will be 40 this year. (although mine is not until December) We had a great time riding Bixi bikes, eating, shopping and talking.  It's amazing that we had sooo much to talk about. We had a fantastic time and I hope that it starts an annual tradition, 'cause I'm planning on celebrating my 30th... err... 40th again next year.
  7. I've 99% removed refined sugar from my diet.  Back in January I made a goal to eliminate refined sugars from my diet and a bunch of others goals that I forgot about when life got too busy and I stopped blogging.  Although I was still watching what I was eating and drinking my shakes, there were times that my sugar urges were sooo strong that I literally  inhaled any chocolate covered anything that was in my pantry.  These 'sugar parties' gave me quite the high, which was then followed by the sugar lows and migraine headaches.  My weight stalled for months.  August 10th, I went cold turkey.  Which resulted in a migraine that lasted for 3 days (the carb flu). Now... I feel great.  I've lost weight again.  I sleep better.  My acne has cleared up and the headaches are gone. I am really trying to make this my new way of eating.
  8. Do you remember last year when Haley got her hearing aids? And then lost them? And then I ordered new ones? And then she found the first ones? I can't remember if I told you about that.  Well after many trips to hospital for tests, and re-tests, catscan, meetings with audiologists and hearing resource teachers and doctors, principals, and... I forget who else I should include... anyways... the doctor just told us... are you ready for this... SHE DOESN'T NEED THEM!!!  huh?? What?? yeap she doesn't need them.  She's been tested between 15-20 times by 4 different audiologists in the past year and a half, all showing a moderate to extreme hearing loss in both ears.  And now after a final test, which is considered to be definitive... she doesn't need them.  This was the best school year that she has had ever while wearing the aids with the FM system provided by the school.  Honestly I don't get it. She's going back to see the doctor in a few weeks, cause as far as I'm concerned there are a few things that just don't add up.  I'll keep you posted.  On the brighter side I don't have to remind her everyday to wear the hearing aids or to make sure that she has cleaned them and put them away for the night.
  9. My pool this summer has not been crystal clear blue.  All summer long I have battled with THE POOL!  I've become quite proficient at Googling different pool DYI and watching You Tube videos on what to do.  I learned how to take apart the motor and reseal it and put it back.  I learned how to remove and replace a faulty pressure gage.  I took out the salt water generator cell and cleaned it and put it back.  I did everything to make the water clear and nothing... nada.  Frustrating, I tell ya!! And now that the summer is over... looks like we need to replace the filter, the salt water generator and the pool liner next spring. Chaching!! Can you hear the dollars draining from pool.  uugghh.
  10. And finally... the kids (and I) are ready to go back to school.  Their bags are packed.  Their back to school clothes are hung and waiting and my ginormous to-do list is waiting for me.
Sorry about the long post, but I'm trying to make up for 4 months of not blogging.

I'm not even sure if there is anyone still out there anymore.

If you are leave me a note and say "hi" and that you forgive me for being a bad blogger. :)


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