Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers.

This weekend there will be no turkey and trimmings at my house.

However today there was a party at my house.

We had a party for this guy...

My Father-in-Law.

Yesterday was his birthday , he is now 74.

In Januray 2008 he was diagnosed with lung cancer.
He lost his voice.
He went through a couple of rounds of chemo and radiation.

Last December '09 he had a brain tumour removed.

He lost some mobility and it affected his short memory.

He had to endure more physical therapy, chemo and radiation.

He is now having difficulty with dementia.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful, that he was here to enjoy another birthday
and play hockey with the boys!

Happy 74th Birthday Rab!

Love you to the Moon and Back!


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Monica said...

What an inspirational post! Thanks for sharing.


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