Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Ready for Winter Linky Party

We've been going crazy around this place getting everything ready for the inevitable Winter arrival. 
I'm hoping it will be December before the first snowfall (Christmas Eve preferably), but usually by November we've had a really good one come down.

It seems every year, there is one or two important things that get forgotten.

People, this is not glamourous work and there is "lovely" piece of art at the end. But it needs to be done!

So far this is what we have done:

2. Put the cover on the Air Conditioner
(mental note: get hubby to re-strech it ;))

3. Raked a truckload of leaves.
No really.  It was yard waste pick-up so we filled a bunch of bags with leaves.
 (will probably have to do this a couple of more times)

4. Emptied and cleaned the flower pots.

5. Cleaned the Furnace Filter.

This is really gross!  This is what it looked like.
We have an Electrostatic Furnace filter that plugs into furnace
and it's suppose to remove up to "97 % of alergens from the air that passes through it."
By the looks of it... I don't think so.

I took it outside, sprayed with Basic H2 all purpose formula and then washed it down with the hose.

And then I let it dry outside.

Look!! You can actually see through it now!!

Then I went to Home Depot and spoke to "the Lady" about what else I can do get rid of more gunk from the air. And she suggest this. It's the material that the disposable filters are made of (without the frame)
I cut it down to size and put it in-between the two layers.

(sorry I forgot to take final picture of it)
Our furnace is really old... like 30 years old. 
But it still works, and "furnace repair guy" says although it's not as efficient as it could be,
 it's still in working order. I'm going to look into getting a new one and look into the government rebates available as well. Soon...

So that's what I've done this week.
(oh and I'm Linking up here too)
What have you been doing to get ready for Winter??


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