Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Apples and a very BIG Pumpkin

This past weekend we did the traditional Apple and  Pumpkin picking.

Here are some pics.

There weren't many apples left on the trees.

You had to get "in the tree" to get them.

It's easier for the little people to get inside.

A. just could not wait, so he started chomping on one.

These were the empire apples.  Delicious.

Grandpa and the kids.

hmmm... I'm missing a child.

Next on to the pumpkin picking...

These two decided they wanted a
"BIG pumpkin."
(I think hubs had something to do with it)

I said no about a 100 times, but they were adamant.
So I said "you can have it if you bring it over from the field.
Remember girls, they weigh more than the two of you combined."
(insert evil laugh from mom)

We went out to the field and they started pushing a very large pumpkin....

And pushing...

And they got it rolling and rolling.
After watchin them for awhile (huffing and puffing), I
 told them to just leave it we would get a smaller one.

hmmm... did I mention they were adamant about getting a
I relented and let them pick one of the smaller 80 pound ones.

(FYI: We now have a very large pumpkin out front ready to be carved by somebody.)

See the one on the tarp just behind S.? That's the one that came home with us.
 (I picked that little guy on the scale)
Have you been apple or pumpkin picking yet??

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