Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall School Trip to a Farm

Yesterday, I joined little A's Junior Kindergarten class for a trip to a nearby Farm.

Although it was a chilly day, and the weather forecast said rain, it was a fun day for all.
(didn't rain after all)

There was a Corn Field Maze, but the teachers thought it would be best if the kids did this maze instead.
(all the girls, took their time to find their way out, the boys not so much. 
They climbed the hay until they got out)

The kids were given oats to feed the animals.

See the one in the black & white? (yeah I see you looking at me) 
He tried to eat my backpack when I had my back to him and I got a little too close.  
Never turn your back on a cow, people!!!

Just before eating our lunch on these benches.

A tube-slide!

Two seconds before he fell off the bench he was standing on.

He loved this horse swing!

Have you visited a local farm yet this Fall?

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