Saturday, January 29, 2011

Giveaway Weekend: 4 passes to Bingeman's Funworx, Kitchener Ontario

This past week my family had the pleasure of attending the first ever Bingeman's e-Night at Bingeman's Funworx in Kitchener, Ontario.  It was an event for bloggers in the area and their families to meet and have some fun.

The kids had a blast, and it was a pleasure to meet some fellow bloggers.

Here are some pictures of the facility and of my kids enjoying the different areas.

Three Level Play Structure



Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Rock Climbing

Bingeman's has kindly passed on a package of 4 FunworX Day Passes (for the 3-level play structure) to one of my readers that live the Kitchener, Ontario area. 


Three-level Play Structure

Giveaway rules:

All entries must be received by 11:59pm EST on Feb 5, 2011. A winner will be chosen at random. I will notify the winner on Feb 6, 2011 via email (please respond within 48 hours) If you do not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen. Open to Canada only.

To enter:

1. Become a follower of Frugal Mom x3 with Google Friend Connect.
2. Comment Below, about who you would take.

For extra entries:

Like Frugal Mom x3 on Facebook (and let me know about it)

Good luck!!

I'm also linking up here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Nothing beats FREE chocolate - (even on a D-I-E-T)

After seeing this post on Mrs. January's Blog, I ran to my coupon binder to see if I had any coupons left... and I did.  In fact I had 4 of them.

So off I went to RCSS today to get my F-R-E-E chocolate. ( The flyer sale is Buy one get one free of M&M's stand-up pouch.)

The conversation with the cashier went something like this after I handed her my 4 coupons from for receive a M&M’s pretzel stand up pouch FREE when you purchase any M&M’s (no longer available)

Cashier :  "But you are already getting 4 for free"
Me: "Yes, I know, that's your flyer sale.  And I have 4 coupons I would like to use too please."
Cashier: "But you can't get all 8 for free."
Me: "Yes I can, because I'm combining a sale with a coupon."
Cashier: "But-you-can't-get-all-8-for-free."
Me: " Can you double check with Customer Service Please?"

(Remained calm & polite the entire time, even though Little A was determined to make the conveyor belt GO FASTER)

Head Cashier : " She's not doing anything wrong. Actually she's doing everything right." (wink, wink)
Me: "Thank-you."
Cashier: "But she can't get all 8 for free."
Head Cashier: "It's not her fault, someone programmed the sale wrong into the system. Enjoy your chocolate."
Cashier: Shakes her head...
Me: "Thank-you."

So, each one had been priced for $3.79.  The store flyer stated, buy one get one free.  With my coupon I got the other one for FREE.  Buy using my coupons and coming with the sale I saved $30.32 on these chocolates.
I like having these around for bribery ice cream/dessert toppings for the kids.  I probably won't eat any of it.

Thank-you Mrs. January (you should check out her blog)
So do you have any around?  I think they expire January 31, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shaklee to the rescue once Again!

Hello all!

Let's start this blog post with a negative and then finish on a positive note... k?

So while having a little looksy around blogland yesterday I came accross this from one of my favourite bloggers.... none other than the Thrifty Decor Chick.

So I decided to look through my garage sale box from last summer and I found this beaut.

I got out my craft paints...

And when I went to mix the two of them in an old container... the one on the right... the brown one, squirt a little too hard, and a bunch of paint ended up on my fave yoga jacket!!!! 
 I love this jacket, it makes me look feel so svelte!  ;-)

Here's a pic of it with the Permanent acrylic paint on it.

Sorry, it's not very clear, but normally I would have just thrown it in the wash (or garbage),
but I needed pics for evidence (and blog).

I got out some of Shaklee's Nature Bright...

and cause I was in a hurry sprinkled too much EVERY-WHERE!!

(That's one big mess!)
I added a bit of water and made a paste with it
and rubbed on my jacket.

Then I ran upstairs and got more clothes to add to the washer.

And started a load of laundry!


Here is wha it looks like now.

Not one spot of permanent-acrylic-fast-drying- paint on my jacket!!


 While I waited to find out if I had permanently ruined my jacket, I tried to deal with my craft fail...

I got out one of my other fave Shaklee products..., Basic H2

 I put a few drops of Basic H2 on the super-stuck-on sticker on the glass, and let it sit for a minute or so. 


Then I grabbed a cloth and wiped it clean.  No sticker.  No residue. No effort (and frustration)

Here's the frame afterwards.

So, are you wondering which is the craft fail?  That brown that I painted on the frame, is really gross looking. 
Kind of like a milk-chocolate brown.  And milk-chocolate brown is great looking on a chocolate bar... but on a a picture frame, it looks like... you know what...

So I'm still working on the craft... I'm thinking my usual black frame will have to do.

But here's the yoga jacket before and after again... cause I'm sooo darned excited, the paint came off!!



Awww... lovely once again!

By the way is anyone else going to the Bingeman's Blogger event tonight?

I am so excited that I was invited... with the family!!!

Be sure to say "hi"!

I may or may not be wearing THAT yoga jacket. ;-)

If you are interested in ordering either one of these products you can visit my online Shaklee Site. 

If you have any questions about either of these products send me an e-mail
at frugalmomx3 (@) gmail (.) com

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How I Clean my Ceramic Cooktop Stove

Have you ever come accross a product that you absolutely L-O-V-E?

And you just wanted to tell everyone about it?

Well I have two of them, actually!

The first one is Shaklee Scour Off Paste.

I showed you here how I clean my oven.

Here is a before & after of the glass door...

Before & After of inside of oven...

I also use it to clean my ceramic cooktop.

You know.... when you are accross the room and the pot on the stove top is boiling over and baking on to the stove top, and all three of your kids will NOT move out of your way fast enough and then you end up with this...

and this...

It's gross!  I KNOW!!! Well this happens too often in my household.

While I was making my chicken stock yesterday, it happenned again!

This is how I clean it...

I add some Scour Off to a scrubber and rub on to my ceramic cook top.

Then I leave it on for a few minutes and go do 100 sit-ups
or down ward dogs or something.
(laughing my head off at this point). 
More like I went to answer the phone and get an impatient 4 1/2 yr old little boy another snack "cause I'm dying of hunger MOM"

Then I simply wipe it all up with this wet rag...

And it looks like this...

Now it's ready for another cooking session (and boil over).

My second favourite cleaning product is Shaklee Basic H2.

I use it for everything!

I've shown you here how I clean my kitchen stools.



Like new once again!

I also use  the "degreaser formula" to clean my stainless steel stove.

(For degreasing: Add 1 1/2 tsp. to 16 oz. of water. For bigger jobs, add 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water.) 

This is what it looked like... the BEFORE

I know the grease spots are not really visible, but THEY ARE THERE!!
And the shiny AFTER...

The entire cleaning of my ceramic stovetop and the knobby area
(and front that I forgot to take pics of)
took about 15 minutes.
(including taking pictures of course)

Here's the PROOF!!

Of course I didn't spend all of that time cleaning... because... did I mention I have a very inpatient 4 1/2 year old? 
I seriously don't know who he gets it from ;-)

If you are interested in ordering either one of these products you can visit my online Shaklee Site here.

If you have any questions about either of these products
send me an e-mail at
frugalmomx3 (@) gmail (.) com

Don't forget right now until January 31, 2011

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