Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Never bypass Clearance items at your grocery store!!

Wow that is a long title! But I'm trying to get my point accross. :-)

I went off to nearby grocery store (No Frills) to pick up some items that are on sale and that I wanted to combine with a coupon to get my best price and from accross the 3 or 4 other shoppers buggies I saw a 50%PINK Sticker!
 (What happens next, is a bit of a blur.  I may or may not have pushed my away over, and trampled a 80 yr old in the process.  Just joking about the trampling.)

This is what I picked up for $5.76

Cost Break down:

2 Minigo - $1.00 - minus 2 @ .50 cent coupon from here - $1.00
Dr. Oetker Mouse - Free from this promotion
4 French's mustard - $1.00 each - minues 2 coupons @ $1.50 when you buy 2 from here = $1.00
4 Danone Crush @ 4.89 each - minus 50% sticker - minus 4 coupons @ 1.50 each from Here =$3.76

The mustard will be going to the food bank, cause I already have enough.
And for .25 cents a piece I can share.

The yogurt will be for my kids school lunches. They've been begging me for these yogurts for a while (cause of a cool commercial on tv), but I was  too cheap frugal to buy them. But for less than a dollar a piece... they will be the coolest kids in the cafeteria at school. lol
By the way, the reason they are on clearance, is because they expire on January 27th. I'm pretty sure they will be all gone by then... All four containers.

So, do you ever check the clearance items or marked down items at your store?


cassie said...

great deals! wish i was brave enough to head into a NF for the mustard, but i am terrified! mine is always a zoo!

Mommy Quit Her Job said...

Great deals at No Frills! I haven't been yet to their sale (trying to wait for the crowds to die down) and hopefully for them to restock some of the stuff before I go in there with my coupons :)

Yes I do check clearance items every time I'm at a grocery store. Just over the weekend my family and I were shopping at Loblaws while they were putting the pink stickers on the baked goods so I went to grab some! LOL. Bread is consumed quickly in our house and when I find vegetables/fruit I just flash freeze them to use for later.


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