Friday, January 28, 2011

Nothing beats FREE chocolate - (even on a D-I-E-T)

After seeing this post on Mrs. January's Blog, I ran to my coupon binder to see if I had any coupons left... and I did.  In fact I had 4 of them.

So off I went to RCSS today to get my F-R-E-E chocolate. ( The flyer sale is Buy one get one free of M&M's stand-up pouch.)

The conversation with the cashier went something like this after I handed her my 4 coupons from for receive a M&M’s pretzel stand up pouch FREE when you purchase any M&M’s (no longer available)

Cashier :  "But you are already getting 4 for free"
Me: "Yes, I know, that's your flyer sale.  And I have 4 coupons I would like to use too please."
Cashier: "But you can't get all 8 for free."
Me: "Yes I can, because I'm combining a sale with a coupon."
Cashier: "But-you-can't-get-all-8-for-free."
Me: " Can you double check with Customer Service Please?"

(Remained calm & polite the entire time, even though Little A was determined to make the conveyor belt GO FASTER)

Head Cashier : " She's not doing anything wrong. Actually she's doing everything right." (wink, wink)
Me: "Thank-you."
Cashier: "But she can't get all 8 for free."
Head Cashier: "It's not her fault, someone programmed the sale wrong into the system. Enjoy your chocolate."
Cashier: Shakes her head...
Me: "Thank-you."

So, each one had been priced for $3.79.  The store flyer stated, buy one get one free.  With my coupon I got the other one for FREE.  Buy using my coupons and coming with the sale I saved $30.32 on these chocolates.
I like having these around for bribery ice cream/dessert toppings for the kids.  I probably won't eat any of it.

Thank-you Mrs. January (you should check out her blog)
So do you have any around?  I think they expire January 31, 2011

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cassie said...

wooooooo i love this deal! :D


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