Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little paint makes such a difference

About two years or so, I mentioned to the family (during a lull in dinnertime conversation) that I wanted to remove the wall paper from the upstairs hallway. 

I said it, but didn't really mean to do anything about it,
but I did SAY IT out loud.
Ever have one of those moments?

A few days later I came upstairs to find all three kids ripping wallpaper from the walls!!!

They thought they would get me started on the project. 
They were helping me. I love those kids.

Did I mention that although I said it, I really didn't have any intention of doing it... any-time-soon!

So this is how our upstairs hallway looked for over two years until a couple of days ago.
That white spot is from a light fixture I had removed.
Two years ago.

  Yeap , that's how we lived for over two years.
After a while it just becomes part of the decor.

Do you see where the wallpaper used to be?

Do you see the fur in the cold air return.
I know I've vaccummed the outside of these before.

When I took it off, I cleaned it all up with my fave
 Shaklee Basic H2 before I painted it!
I love that stuff!!

What?? You don't see it?  Here's a close-up!!

I think we have a pet living in there!

And of course, the little bit pieces of wallpaper behind the covers.

 Everytime I went upstairs I'd hang my head in shame... and then I'd go back down stairs and forget about it.  Yeap I did. Shocker!

Well, I finally got out that can of paint that I bought two years ago and got started.

(did I mention I've had the paint, and the brushes all along? I just couldn't find my painting clothes ;-))

I painted the trim with Benjamin Moore's Cloud White.

I painted the walls and trim in
Benjamin Moore's HC 90 - Crown Point Sand.

It's a pale mossy green and I love it! 

I have a question... That closet up there doesn't have trim around it. 

Would you add trim?

There's only room on two sides to add trim though.

(Yes we are planning on replacing the doors with six panel doors as soon as I find them really cheap or free!)

Here's the before and after.

I seriously don't know why it took me two years to do this!!

Awww... so fresh, so clean!

What have you painted lately!

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Mom vs. the boys said...

it does look fresh and clean! good job girl!


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