Monday, February 22, 2010

Guess Where I've been?

It's been awhile since I last posted... there is a reason though.

Yeap, we were at Disneyworld in Florida.  I must admit it was not a vacation that I was looking forward to and I've actually managed to talk hubby out of it for the past 3 years (or more).  But I gave in this time and off we went.

We stayed at one of the Disney Resorts, Port Orleans Riverside. I couldn't believe with the number of kids passing through the place, how clean everything was.  The staff cast members were all sooooo friendly and helpful.  They sure set the standards for customer service that should be used worldwide.  One the wonderful morning ladies that we saw everyday said that Mickey Mouse doesn't like grouches.

We ate way too much food!  We got the deluxe Meal plan, cause I had heard that everything is so expensive down there.  Yeap, everything was expensive.  But their Meals are really BIG and anyone over the age of 9 is considered an adult and gets an adult meal.  The three kids could've split one adult meal.  And who can eat a dessert after every meal?  One the last day (a couple of hours before we left) we still had 10 meals leftover and I think 12 snacks.

The kids got to meet some of their faves.

S., got to battle with Darth Vader (she won).

And I got the sheesh scared out of me.

(While in one of the shows I had to take off the glasses and contort into the fetal position in a tiny chair, 'cause I was sooo scared.  The kids thought it was hilarious how scared I was.)

** Warning: when you are asked to wear these funky glasses, beware that snakes might come at you, mice might crawl between your legs, bees might sting in you in the back and bugs might run under your butt.**  Darned special effects!!

I got me a new hat.  You like?

So we are back now, with our spinal cords a little compressed.

And now I can get back to business.  I think next year, I'll plan a vacation where I'm laying on a beach somewhere this time of year.


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