Saturday, January 8, 2011

Keeping Track of What is in your Deep Freezer.

Since we are eating from the pantry this month and spend $60 dollars (or less) every week on groceries, I knew I needed to be really organized.  My pantries are already organized, but their were a few things buried in the deep freeze that I had no idea about. 

So i took everything out and quickly took inventory of what I had in there.

I then, typed it up and printed and taped it on the top of my freezer with a pen.

Everything in there already has a date on it from the last 3-6 months, and since I'm hoping to empty it, I'm not going to keep track of the dates.

My plan is, as I take an item out of the freezer I will check it off.
Also, as I add anything to the freezer I will write it on or add at the bottom of the paper, since I've left space, and add a new diamond to the line.  Each diamond shape represents enough for our family's meal.
(Does this make sense?)

Here's my current inventory.

How do you keep track what is hiding in your freezer?

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