Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pantry Challenge Week 1

Well, I made it through week 1 of my Pantry Challenge.

I was trying really hard to only go to the grocery store once, but I ended up going twice (I had to grab milk).  I managed to come in under my personal $60 a week (or less) challenge. 

Week one's total came to $52.39, leaving me with $7.61 in Pantry Challenge budget.

I bought everything on my list for the week and added pasta and bread to my stockpile.

Missing from picture is another bag of milk, pepperoni (used in Pizza on Friday)

These two were FREE with Free Product Coupons. I used the sauce to make Pizza on Friday.
 This bread was $1.39 each and I used $1.50/2 coupon, making them .64 cents each.
 I price matched it to the Real Canadian Superstores.
Also, hidden somewhere in the first picture was a box of SMART pasta that was priced at $1.00 and I had .75 coupon making it .25 cents (I price matched it to No Frills).

I went to two different stores.

I bought the milk and eggs at Shoppers Drug mart cause it's the least expensive.
(plus I get Optimum points for shopping there)

I bought the remainder of the groceries at No Frills and I price matched several of the products to get the best advertised price.  (I carry the flyers with me to show the cashier, that another store has lower price)

In total I used $4.25 worth of coupons, plus 2 Free product coupons, plus $1.00 store coupon and $2.13 of superbucks (from Loblaws gas station). 

Not bad.  My coupon amount is usually higher than that, but I didn't really see many deals that appealed to me.  I probably will have to grab another bag of milk before the week is out (my kids loooove milk, and I am ok with that). I didn't have to buy any meats this week cause my freezer is full.

So how did you do?

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Holly said...

It's nice to see other moms having a budget for themselves! This is the first time I am trying to stay within a specific amount! I think it is going to be a bit challenging with only $40.00, but so far so good! It is definitely changing the way I shop! More of what I need and less of all that other stuff! =) Thanks so much for linking up! I am going to post my $40 Fix every Tuesday!


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