Friday, October 8, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I stepped outside today, cause I heard voices in the backyard.

The pool closing people were here.

(I've been using the same pool opening/closing place for a bunch of years now so they know where everything is)

This is what they left me with...

And this is when it hit me!!!

When ever I see that cover on... I KNOW snow is on it's way sooner than later.
We added that safety cover last year. 
It's supposed to hold about 200lbs.
(not that I've tested it)
(and not that I weigh to 200 lbs either)
I want to make sure that if little A ever got an inkling to run accross it, he'd be safe(er).
(I hope I've scared educated him enough, that he wil never try it)

(sorry for bluriness)

Then I walked around the corner of my garden...
and saw this last little pretty one.

And these two holding on for dear life.

Just the last little bit of colour in my garden.

Goodbye garden and pool until next Spring.

Sleep tight.

Have you laid your garden/backyard to rest yet??

(Don't Forget }

Frugal Mom x3


1 comment:

LoriD said...

Maggie cried when she came home from school to see the pool all closed up for the winter. It's not all that sad for me. :-)


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