Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Pantry is Calling & A Linky Party!

There is a little something I forgot to mention yesterday... it was my 13 year wedding anniversary.  I actually didn't forget, I was just still in a fog from being sick and didn't make a big deal.

I took Max to a vet check-up just before 5 p.m. when the hubby called and asked if I was ready to for dinner.

Me ---> "Dinner?  Yeah we are having left overs from the weekend."
Him--->" I thought we were going out for dinner?"
Me ---> "Why? It's Monday?"

Silence. Crickets on the line.

Me --->"Oh right.  Yeah sure.  Let's go out for dinner!"

(the parents are still visiting from Portugal = built-in babysitters.  A luxury we don't have.)

We ended up having a lovely dinner at a new restaurant that I've we have been wanting to check out.

Anyhoo...  Have you noticed how many Pantry re-do's there have been around bloggyland?

And I know that I've seen others but I can't remember now.
(and no I didn't book mark the others.)

Everytime I see a pantry re-do I've gotten up from the computer and taken a second look at my little guy.

Ummmm... yeap. It's begging for a change.  An organized change.  There are 4 shelves and a lot of dead space in between and stuff stuffed everywhere!
( I won't scare you with a picture)

So... I need inspiration for my own little pantry
(very small compared to the above!)

Have you done a Pantry Revamp? Recently?  Evaahh?

Please share with us!

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Bella said...

Hey Bette, I am back checking out your blog, I really like it. I am totally going to link up to your pantry makeover, been wanting to clean it up for a while, and you've given me the perfect motivation. Thanks, and is it possible to spread germs via blogland, I think I'm getting sick too. :( Not good, not good at all.

Looking forward to many more pantry makeovers, as i need all the ideas I can get.

Mom vs. the boys said...

Happy anniversary!
those pantries are gorgeous! mine is in our cold cellar, so yeah,concrete walls and floor, mouse traps and spider webs. more like a scary dungeon!

Bella said...

He he, I can't wait to see yours either. While my complete redo will be later, at least I can get it back under control and somewhat more organized until then. As soon as I have a before and after pic, Im linking up to your party!!!!

Bella said...

Hey Bette, I've started on my pantry makeover. I linked up just part 1, more to come. Can't wait to see yours!


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