Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Backyard Oasis - Part ???


How are you doing today?

First, I want to thank...

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Thanks Ladies! I appreciate the link love!

I was in the pool pretty much all day yesterday cause it was soooo stinkin HOT! While I was in there I yelled at hubby to bring me the camera (I didn't want to soak the kitchen floor, and fall and hurt myself)

So, lucky you I took a few more pictures of the Backyard Oasis.  (I give you permission to leave now, if I'm boring you with all this backyard nonsense)

A few final details and then I'll stop talking about it, K?

hmmm... plants still need to be moved to the middle. 
Will they die if I move them now?
Or should I wait until Fall when it is cooler?

That pretty fairy was a house warming gift from my mother-in-law's friend about 5 years ago.

I got that wrought iron trellis f-r-e-e when my mother-in-law's friend's daughter moved to Scotland about 4 years ago.  I love F-R-E-E!! (did I get those apostrophe's right?)

This wrought iron piece is on my outdoor table.  I got it at Goodwill for $1.99 the other day. ( I stuck the plant in it and called it a day)

This is my rain-water barrell.  One night of heavy rain and that things fills to the rim.  It's perfect for watering the plants around the yard.  I'm constantly finding little A. filling up the watering can and watering the flowers. It cost me $69 and I'm sure it will pay for itself.

We had the electrician come by and put up an outdoor light fixture from Home Depot.

Our Chimenea.  We love to light it at night and make Smores.

Little A had to get in on the photo action.

I love this tree.  I think it's called a Japanese Maple

The Treehouse Pool Bar!! (and little A too)

Hubby made it and the construction guys finished it.
The trees grow through it...

Litteraly!!! This is on the inside left of bar.

This is the other side with a loft area, that I've let the kids decorate!
(see the tree growing through it)

The bar to the left...

The Treehouse Bar...

I found these little dragonfly hooks the other day at Goodwill for 99 cents each. (I still have to put them up.)

The view from the Treehouse Bar... (and alot of balls!)

Awww... there is the culprit!!
(Doesn't he look huge with that suit?)

And some more brick work...

Steps into lower garden.

The step into the house.
(looks like Little A beat me inside, can't wait to see the kitchen floor)

So that is it! The Backyard Oasis is done! (for now)

What have you been up to?



clschaan said...

I am soooo jelous!

LoriD said...

It looks so nice! I think you're supposed to move/split hostas in the spring - just as the new growth is peeking out of the ground.

Linda said...

Don't move the hostas yet. It is too hot. I wold wait until Spring. You can split them then and fill in where you want them. Your back yard is very nice. I love the tree through the bar!


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