Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Kitchen: from Drab to Fab

Hi there!

Thanks to all for your comments on my old keys in a frame post.  The keys make me smile everytime I walk by.

So I know this summer I've been going on and on about the backyard, well the last MAJOR reno that we took on, was our kitchen. 

When we moved into our 1980 house, it looked more like it had been built in the 60's.  With the help of my friend Jen over at Red RazberryDesign Group we were able to take this old kitchen from drab to fab in 5 or 6 short weeks!!!

(Note: these pictures were taken before "decorating" started, so there is no wall art or strategically placed knick knacks. I will show you the Before followed by the After, with a little somtin-somtin in between.)

First we knocked down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create an open feeling and a better flow between the rooms.



Then the wall between the kitchen and family room was torn down to create the same open feeling.


At which point we discovered a structural thing-a-bob (what are they called again) smack dab in the middle! Arrrgggghhhh


No worries we worked around it...


We used a decorative post bracket to enclose the hideous beast!


I desperately wanted a desk in the kitchen!
(to keep track of the kids internet activities)

(AFTER, ignore mess)

So one of the old pantry closets was turned into the desk area.

Here are some more lovely pictures...


And to refresh your memory (after those lovely pictures),
here is another Before & After picture.



This reno was by no means in-expensive, but it was done on budget and I believe that if you can afford it and have saved for it, the kitchen is one area of the home that should be invested in using high quality materials.

So, what do you think? Was this "investment in our home" a wise choice?


(P.S. - All of the old cabinets were recycle to a family friend who has adding a grannie suite to his home, the rest was either donated to Goodwill (light fixtures) or put on Kijiji (doors).)

(P.S.S. -All of those appliances were bought when we had moved in two years prior knowing that we would eventually renovated the kitchen.)


Restorative Living said...

Wow, girl! That looks great! I like the unusual shape to the island, and that desk! Oh, that desk. Love it!!

Bella said...

Hey Bette, new to your site, and love this new post. I did a mini kitchen makeover last year, and you are right what a difference it makes. I have really enjoyed reading some of your posts, and I have to tell you my moms name is also Betty, and if I send you a pic of her you would think you are looking at yourself, it's kind of freaky, how similar you look. I'll def be following you girl. Keep up with the cool ideas.

Jill said...

That looks fantastic! I love the desk that replaces those terrible pantry doors!! I love having a kitchen that is open to other areas of the house. Makes for great entertaining!

Pippilotta said...


you have a dream kitchen now. It looks as it comes from a magazine.



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