Thursday, December 17, 2009

Aunt Kathleen's Cheese Cake

This will be on our Christmas table this year for sure!!

Aunt Kathleen's Cheesecake

Graham Cracker crumbs
1 pkg Dream Whip
1 8oz (large) Cream Cheese
1 cup Icing Sugar
I can of Cherry Topping (or any other flavour)

Mix crumbs according to directions on box. Bake and then cool completely.

Mix Dream Whip according to package and then add cream cheese, mix together.

Thoroughly add icing sugar. Mix well. Put cheese mixture on top of crumbs. Top with Cherry topping.

Chill in fridge for 4 hours or for best results make it the day before serving.

You can use 9x13 pan for double recipe or 8 inch pan for single recipe.


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