Thursday, January 7, 2010

Purging, Organizing and Cleaning!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I've been a little busy.  At the end of 2009 I made a plan for my first week of freedom after the Christmas break.

So here's what I have been up...


I went into my 9 year old daughter's room and found this on her dresser.  We have a rule around here that the grown ups do the laundry, but you have to put it away. hmmm... doesn't look put away to me.

Something I quickly figured out is that the poor kids drawers were full!  So she had no where to put them.  Since she gets alot of handing me downs from her older sister and alot of clothes for Christmas (she's the fashionista in the family), they quickly get out of hand.

I went through her drawers and closet and streamlined all of her clothes.  Does she really need 5 black long sleeved shirts (considering two are exactly the same?).

This is the pile of clothes that ended up getting packed up for donation.

This is the pile of hangers that were hanging up in her closet.  I ended up with 6 dozen that I added to the donation pile.

I put back only the stuff that she loooves and wears and because of all the "extra" hangers I had I was able to be selective and only use the ones that matched and were sturdy.

I ended doing the same for the pants and skirts... and left a few extra for the clothes in laundry transition.

Then I moved unto organizing the kitchen.  I went into the cupboards and removed  any expired foods and put into trash.  There weren't too many of things since we're pretty good about keeping up with our inventory.

However, I need some new containers to corral certain items that I use often (teas, past, crackers, etc.) 

I found these containers at the Dollorama and these mini Slate labels. 

I ended up buying four and added pasta and tea bags to each one.

Notice the "Calm" tea.  I drink that at about  3 p.m. when kids start getting in from school.

So next I moved unto the en-suite Bathroom.  Here's underneath my cabinet.  Yech

I removed items that I don't use... like... emmm.. 4 bottles of hair mouse and 2 of hairspray!!  I don't use hair mouse or hair spray. Don't ask.  Then I ran to the basement to get this...

And this is what it looks like now!!

So Clean!

Well, so that I don't bore you any further I'm off to do a drop off before these end up back in the rooms they came from!!

Happy Organizing!!!


LoriD said...

Well done! I'm loving those slate labels.

Gill - That British Woman said...

do you fancy popping by my house and having a tidy up for me, as you seem to be an expert at this now...LOL

Gill (Appleby on FS)

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

You are making me want to declutter at midnight! :) Love it! You won't believe what I found today working in the office -- it's insane what I have multiples of. Crazy.


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