Monday, January 11, 2010

DYI - Fabric Covered Corkboard

My 9 year old daughter "H" wants a Corkboard for her room to put above her new desk.

ME -  "Sure, do YOU want to do it?"

H - "YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!" jumping up and down.

Child labour is ok as long as it's their idea... right?

So I went "shopping" in my house for things that she could use to put together her corkboard.  I got my inspiration from this post of Life at our House.

I found this...  It's an old message center board that we haven't used in 5 years but I never got rid of.  Good thing I kept it.

And then I found some fabric from my "I wanna make a quilt" days.  The colours matched her room perfectly.

I went to my stash of paints and brushes and found "Grape" colour.  Perfect!

I set her up on the kitchen island with some newspaper and let her do her "Arts and Crafts". Notice the crayon marks that someone drew on the board. Probably why I've had it in storage for so long

When she was done painting, we let it dry and she ended up having to do two more coats, to make sure it was "nice and purple".

Next we got the fabric and cut it to measure the size we wanted to cover plus an extra little bit to tuck into the frame.  I hot glued the fabric to the corkboard and we hung it up in her room above her "new" desk.

A close-up...  Notice, the hot glue tracks left behind.  (I ain't no Martha with the glue gun.)

And here it is above her "new desk".

She promptly put up a Hannah Montana calendar that she had.  I think she did a great job.  Don't you?

(P.S.- I know I need to do something about that black chair.  Soon!)
(P.S.S.- We're also looking for a shelf to sit on the wall between the corkboard and desk, that's why there is so much space there. Soon!)

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LoriD said...

It looks great! I like the desk too.


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