Monday, January 11, 2010

From Table to child's desk

My daughter  "H" has requested a desk for her room; not necessarily to do homework but somewhere she can call her own.  I prefer that they do their homework at the kitchen island so that I can keep an eye on things.  While she worked on her own DYI project I tore apart this table

About 8 years ago I bought this table at a garage sale in the last city we lived in.  It cost me $12.00.  Up until now it was being used as a side table in the family room.  But after a second glance I think it would make a perfect desk for a little girl, with some modifications of course.

I wanted to take off the sides, but the screws were painted over, so I yanked them off with my hammer. 

Ooops I broke a piece off....

Nothing a little glue can't fix.

Here is the desk in her room  along with "H's" DYI - Corkboard project.

Pretty good If I do say so myself.

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