Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Original Art... on a budget

Have you noticed how expensive Art is?

Well I have, and that's why I barely have anything up on the walls.

The other day the kids were playing some kind of silly game with their hands and feet and I got another "brilliant idea".

I quickly grabbed my camera!

I uploaded the pictures to Costco.ca and printed 11 x 14 size in Sepia tone  to go with the browns and greens in the room.  I picked up the frames at Michael's Boxing week for $9.99 each (down from $29.99 each).

I looove the colour and detail on the frames.

Here they are above our new leather chairs (that I spent waaay too much money on, even though it was Clearance Sale).  The lamp in the middle was a Thrift store purchase for $3.99 (bulb included).

These two works of art came to under $25.00 total.  AND... I love them and will treasure them forever!

I'd love to see your original art... Post a comment with link back to your post (not your blog).


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