Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Packing

Happy New Year!

I spent the day packing the Christmas stuff away today.  I was determined to be organized this year when packing my stuff.  I got out my handy dandy totes and from an idea that I got from Thrifty Decor Chick , I vacuumed all of my totes before I put anything in them.

I started with packing my Dicken's Village and Nutcracker collection.  (notice nothing above the sideboard table... I'm looking for a mirror)

I use this divided paper box that I got for FREE.  I pulled it out of stockboy's haul to the dumpster at Walmart did other day.  He looked at me funny, but look at it now.

It fits perfectly inside my storage totes. I tucked tissue paper around the houses so that they don't move around and then packed the other bigger houses in the tote.  And filled in with more tissue paper.

As I took down the tree I put each type of ornament in different piles, so that it would be organized next Christmas when I get them out again.

Silver with Silver.

Gold with Gold.

The rest with the rest.

And of course the new purchases from Boxing Day sales this year.  Aren't they shiny?  Oh the possibilities for next Christmas.

So that is it! I'm all packed up again and most importantly organized!!  Have you put your Christmas stuff away yet?

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