Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prayer Request for H.

O.K.  Bloggy friends I need a favour...

H. is having surgery this morning to put tubes in her ears to drain the fluid, so that her new hearing aids will  work more effieciently.  It's relatively minor surgery (she's had tubes put in before), but any time general anesthesia is involved I panic and get nervous.

Can you keep her in your prayers?



mle said...

Sending prayers for your little one's surgery!
Happy birthday to your Big Cutie : )
& love your blog round-up - those ladies are awesome!

Melissa Miller said...

Bette your children are gorgeous!
My thoughts and prayers are with your child for a successful surgery.

Thank you for stopping by sweet friend. ~Melissa :)

Kerri said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I will say a prayer for your daughter...I myself had 11 ear surgeries before the age of 12.

Kerri said...

Ooops, forgot to tell you that I left you a blog award over on my blog today!


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