Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday to my Baby Boy

I'm glad that little A can't read cause he's be yelling "I'M NOT A BABY! I'M A BIG BOY!!"

Happy  4 th Birthday my baby Big Boy!

It seems like just yesterday that I brought you home and you looked like this...

 And now look at you!

Truly a BIG BOY NOW!

I love how you love to pick the dandelions pretty flowers and then put them in a vase.

I love how you love to eat chick peas...  ONE-BY-ONE.

I love that you can spell your name... with each letter backwards.

I love that you can swim.... with your floaty Toy Story swim suit.

I love that you love to sing Lady Gaga Gaga's song Alexandro.

I love that you love your super heroes: Spiderman, Superman, Ironman, Batman.

I just love YOU!

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Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Oh, what a cutie! Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving some super sweet comments!! :)


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