Thursday, July 22, 2010

Backyard Oasis - Part Deux

Happy Day to you!

I am back today to bore share with you more Backyard Oasis pictures. I already shared with you here a little bit of what we did with the space.

I managed to find a couple of Befores from before I lost my camera before the work started.  (Did you follow that?)  Sorry that some of the befores has a picture of A in it, but I think the focus on that photo shoot were the boys not my hideaous backyard.

So here we go!

BEFORE: This is A's buddy picking "flowers".  We hadn't cut the crass in a long, long time!
We didn't bother cause we knew the construction trucks would be destroying it anyways.
(yes, that's our excuse, and we are sticking with it!)

AFTER: So much better! Look no "flowers"!

AFTER: Here's another shot abit further back with the "cottage" that I can't get rid of because it was S's and then H's and now A's. I'm hoping he outgrows it in the next 10 yrs. We've had it for 10 yrs now!
If you notice we cleaned up the bushes around pool and extended the fencing too.

BEFORE:  This was the walkway/pond.  Right behind the boys was the end of the rotting deck at the back of house. This swamp pond made me jump anytime the kidlets went near it.  I was always afraid someonewould fall in.  In this picture the boys were trying to catch the Koi fish (whichare now living in my friends much cleaner pond)

AFTER: Aaaawww!  Clean!

BEFORE: ummm... I'm stumped.  Don't know what to say!

AFTER: So much better.  We removed a tree and the dead bushes at the back corner.

AFTER: We removed the dead bushes and put in the fence.  All the flagstone is from around the swamo pond. The grass needs to be cut, but we don't to kill it in case it has not taken root yet.  Anyone know how long I should wait? I picture a hammock in that corner.

And now a couple of little details.

New fence! (replaced a chain link)

A close - up!

The edge around Pool walk-about.

Stonework around pool with coping over edge of pool.
(ignore pool toys and kreepy crawler)

And now a question! 

Does anyone know how to keep this guy from digging up my new yard??  >: {

Next week I'll show you the final details of the treehouse that is now a Pool bar! And some random lovelies from around the yard.  Thanks for putting up with my excitement of having a finished backyard! 

What do you think?

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Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

First time visiting your blog, LOVE this yard, and fence and pool! It looks like a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy an afternoon...ENJOY! Janell

LoriD said...

I love it! You guys did a great job.

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Your backyard is beautiful! It transformed a lot! It truly is an oasis!!!

clschaan said...

I'm sooo jelous!

C said...

Everything looks awesome! Absolutely beautiful, breathtaking and certainly a slice of heaven :) Would you like to come over and give our place a facelift? Please? LOL! xo

Brandi said...

What a gorgeous outdoor space! Everything looks so nice! You did an awesome job!

Emily, Timeless Paper said...

Wow! What a nice job you did on updating your pool area. Love it! Thank you for sharing with us.


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