Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CSN Stores Has Made My Day!


H.'s sugery went well on Tuesday and she is recovering well, thanks to everyone who e-mailed me with their well wishes... I read them to her.  Of course, she is not happy about the fact that she can't get water in her ears for the next month or so.  No diving into the pool, no swimming in the lake, no splashing in the water.  That will be fun... keeping my energizer water bunny from diving or splashing in the pool for 4 weeks!

Does anyone have suggestions for something to keep her ears covered?

In other news...  I am so stinking excited!  CSN Stores has contacted me to review something from one of their 200+ stores.  Whahoooo!!

I thought it would be easy to pick something to review.

ummmm.... not so easy!  Have you seen their amazing stores???

I mean really... look at this...

 Something for the Backyard Oasis...

Or do I get the kidlets a toy to keep them busy this summer...

Or do I get Max a bed?

ggggaaaahhhhh...  Oh I don't know!  I'd love ALL of those and bunch more things!  They have some great looking office furniture, outdoor chaise lounges, table lamps and lots and lots to choose from for every room of the house!  I also noticed they have a CSN Clearance Section with more fabulous things to choose from!

I'll let you know what I end up reviewing in a future post.  Meanwhile go check them out!!!

Also, come back tomorrow for the Backyard Oasis Post and my first Linky party.


LoriD said...

Hey Bette... just catching up here. Glad to hear that H's surgery went well. I know how anxious you must have felt.

Happy Birthday to A's; he's such a cutie!

Speaking of cutie... MAX! I bet you're all having a ball with him.
Have fun choosing something from CSN!

He & Me + 3 said...

We got an awesome head band from our ENT. 20.00 and it works awesome. They also made us ear plugs too.

Jamie said...

Wow! How fun! Can't wait to see what you pick!

Glad to hear your little one's surgery went well.


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