Friday, December 9, 2011

My Fun Christmas Mantel

Hey there!

This morning when I got up and looked outside it was snowing.  I'm not a fan of the snow, although I've come to tolerate it over the years. (I supposed I have no choice living in Canada... in Southern Ontario... in the snowbelt... where it snows... alot!.

So I thought some Christmas decorating was in order.

I'm not quite done my new family room built-ins ( one final coat of stinky paint), but I decided to tackle my mantle.

My original plan was to re-do my mantel.  Built-in out... chunky-it-up. But time is getting away from me... and I'm seriously tired of going to Rona and looking for wood-cutting- old-guy-BFF.  So I'm going with what I've got... for now.

This is what it currently looks like...

Yes, I believe the word is "blah". I kind of like the brick (kinda/sorta) but the mantel is small... really small.

But that will be a 2012 project. And If I can dream a little, I'll add in a gas fireplace insert too.
(remember I said dream, as I think know it's NOT in the budget)


Because I didn't want to spend any money I went into the Christmas totes and gathered some supplies and went to work.

I took an old wreath that I've had for probably 13 years or so and took it apart. 
Then I found some fake poinsetta flowers in white and red and took them apart and added it to my wreath form.

I also found some flimsy green garland from along time ago as well.  I ended up doubling the garland just to make is look thicker. 

So here is a progress shot...

Then the kids started arguing about how blue the sky was or something and stopped taking any more progress pictures.
Sorry... but I'm sure you can figure out how I put the rest together.

I added lights and other different fillers that I "found" in my totes and went to town.

Here are some pretty pictures...

And one final one... ( I promise)

I kept to my red and white colour scheme (which is through out my home), and it kept whimisical by added a snowman that used to sing and dance (but someone removed the music box from it)

What are you up today?

Have you decorated your mantel yet?  If you need some inspiration check out Rhoda's Mantel Party.


~Carla~ said...

It looks beautiful, Bette! :) I love the traditional Christmas colours too... I don't get the "nouveau" pink & purple Christmas decorations... lol!

Bette said...

Thanks Carla! I love red! I think it's such a happy colour!


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