Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Fireplace Built-ins

I have been working hard for the past couple of weeks.  Remember when I asked you what you thought I might be up to?

Well... I'm about half way there!  I have wanted built-ins for either side of my fireplace for a looooooong time, but we could never afford them, cause there were more important things to spend money on (new roof, new furnace, etc.). So I did what anyone would do, when they really want something.... I built my own.  Are you ready?

Introducing one side of the fireplace...

Here is a better picture...

Yeap I made it all by myself (with a little help from Home Depot and Rona.)

I started off getting my wood cut at Home Depot (the frame) and then I went back two days later to get more wood cut and they told me that their machine could not cut my size of wood (16" wide pine). 
Huh?  "But Pat just cut it two days ago!" I said. 
"Nope can't do it. Won't do it" Said John, the Home Depot wood cutting employee.
"Drats, now what" Thought I.

Off I went to Rona, and they had the same wood, same machine, and they cut the rest of the wood I need cut to finish this bookcase and

... the other side too.
(so, I don't know what Home Depot's issue was.  I even spoke to manager and he said NO".

So anyways, the bottom middle shelves on both sides still have to be re-cut because I cut them 1/16" too small, but I'm really happy how they are turning out.  I still have to prime and paint the one holding the t.v. but I wanted to give you a sneak peak.

What'cha think so far?

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Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

The shelves are looking fantastic. I never thought of having the store do all the cutting for me - good idea.

~Carla~ said...

Looks awesome!! You are good!! :) I'm impressed! I can't believe tht they wouldn't cut the wood 2 days after the fact!! Hw does that make ANY sense?!

LoriD said...

They look great! Instead of cutting a new shelf, couldn't you just use what you have, then caulk the little gap left behind? 1/16" is so small!

Canadian Saver said...

Oh wow, you are very talented... those look GREAT!


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