Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Scary Ghouls


I hope you all had a safe Halloween night!  We had a total of six kids come to our door trick or treating.  Two of them were the neighbors kids that went trick or treating with Anthony and the other 4 were Haley's friends that came calling on her.  So now we have tons of candy that I will need to freeze and hide (from me). Last year we had 15 kids and this year we had 6, the numbers are dwindling.  Granted it was raining last night, and we don't have a sidewalk on our side of the street, but hubby did say their lots of kids out.

Today I thought I would share some pics from last night. Beware they are quite scary!  lol

Watch out!  He's going to....

...bite you!! The red marks are supposed to be blood. ;-)
Haley is a fashion Barbie (of course she is!)

Her imitation of Marilyn Monroe. (she didn't even know who she was)

No autographs please!
Sydney is a Red M & M.

with matching red lipstick!
Sydney will be 13 in a couple of days, and she declared this morning, that this will be the last year she goes out trick or treating. She feels she is "too old" to go out. 

Did your kids go out? We're your trick or treating numbers down as well and now you are "stuck" with a bunch of candy? And most importantly, what age do you think is to old to trick or treat?

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~Carla~ said...

We only had around 30-40 kids at best... :( There were so many more last year. We stayed in, but dressed up. Sick kids & rain are just not a good mix! Your kids look great! Honestly, along as the kds are dressed up at my door, I'll give them candy! All is fair in love & war! ;) lol!


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