Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glass Cabinet Clean-up

Do you ever look at something everyday, and I say "one of these days I am going to deal with that!"

Yeah me too.

So finally I took a few minutes yesterday, and it litterally only took me about 15-20 minutes to do, and dealt with my disorderly glass cabinet mess.

When we re-did our kitchen a few years back, and in effort to open up the dining room to the kitchen, I lost space in my dining room for a china cabinet, so I made sure I had some glass cabinets, so I can display all of my glassware.

Here is the before... 

Somewhere a long the line, it became really messy and disorderly with too much glass and I was running out of space to stuff any more glasses in there. 

So I went into purge mode and took everything out and cleaned the glasses with dish soap and the shelves with Basic H2.

This martini glass was glued on to the glass, so I had to take the entire shelf out (with glass still attached) and soak it in sink with hot water and some dish soap.
It was easy enough to clean but awkard to remove from cabinet.
I was afraid it would dislodge itself and fall off.

Then I happened to go to the other side of the room and noticed the top of a corner cabinet
shelf full of more wine glasses. I forgot I had those.
So I figured, I might as well take those down too and clean them and add them to my glass cabinet.

Here's the after!

I packed up all the mismatched glasses, the chipped glasses and the extra wine glasses and only left my pretty ones and the ones that we will actually use.

Do you see that red dot on the bottom right? It says WILD THING. It was the only glass that had a tag, so I left it on, cause it's cute.
I still have way too much, so next time I'm in a purging mode, I'll probably get rid of more.

You can still see the shaker from the side view, but looking head on it's hidden by the door frame.
(I forgot to take a picture of it head-on.)
hmmm... I'll probably move it, cause now it's bugging me.

Here's a before and after....


So much better!

And cause I'm so happy that I finally finished a project around this house, I'm motivated to get more done.
I'm starting my own weekly party every Wednesday... starting tomorrow, Feb 9.

Here's the cute little button.

I could you can come back and link up your projects, and motivate me to get off my patootie.

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