Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Chat...

So I bet your wondering where the heck I've been?

As you can see I took an extended leave from my blog. 

A couple of reasons: My father in law was hospitalized at the beginning of February with a lung infection and became extremely weak (he is still in the hospital), and then I went away to Portugal with the three kids by myself for two weeks to visit my family. Oh yeah, and throw in my yearly winter blues and blah blah blah... and THAT'S why you haven't heard from me in for-e-vah!

During my hiatus I took sometime to think about my little blog.

I started this blog in a little over a year ago.  Originally, my goal was to post about how to save money around the house, frugal recipes and general frugalness.  Somewhere along the way the lines got blurry and I got more into the home and garden decor and less of the frugal stuff.

I read somewhere that you can actually make a living blogging. So I started to monetize the blog. And yeap, I've made a little bit of money, but nothing close to a full time or even part time or even part-part-part-part time job. (Yes you will still see ads on the blog, but I'm not worrying if the pennies add up at the end of month). And yes you will still see posts about Shaklee.(I am a distributor and I simply love this stuff!!!)
So while I was deciding the fate of my little ole blog, I've realized that I like both.  I love to shop at garage sales and thrift stores and find great deals.  I love to decorate my home with inexpensive decor items and things I make myself.  I love to get free groceries and tell everybody about it.  I like to cook and bake. And I love to brag about my kids! I really do!

So that's what I'm doing.  All of the above.  I hope you don't mind, but this is my blog after all!

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