Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Pretty Christmas Tree

Hello there!

I finally got my pretty tree up and... prettyfied (is that a word?)

This year we have two Christmas trees in the house.  One for me to pretty up and one for the kids to pretty up.

 Although my little tree is only 6.5 feet tall, I think she's sooo darned pretty.  (Yes she's a girl)

I bought it for $54 at walmart and it went on sale two days later for $49.  I hauled my booty back to the store and showed Customer Services my receipt and they refunded me the difference.

At first I went with all silver & glass theme.  Thankfully I organized everything last January, so that part was easy

Then I added in some gold... for colour.

Some Dollarama Snowflakes add sparkle.

 I bought this silver ball at Michaels a few Boxing Day sales ago.

Another Dollar Store silver and glass ornament.

This pretty glass and silver snowflake was attached to a Christmas gift from a previous employer.

I've had this gold angel for about 12 years now.

 And a really sparkly reindeer...

I love the combo of silver, glass and gold. So purdy! 

 Here she is all lit up during the day, wearing her sparkly jewels and Dollar store cotton skirt. 

And here she is at night.  She is absolutely glowing.

Other than buying the tree, I didn't buy anything else.  All the ornaments are from my collection.

I just big puffy heart love her!

What do you think?

What colour combo did you go with?


Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

Beautiful! I don't pick a color theme for my tree, I pick out ornaments I love and go from there. That's what my mom has always done and I always think hers is the most gorgeous! You can check out my tree on my blog if you'd like :) I love this season! Merry Christmas!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

I love your tree! I usually end up with a blue or red tree since my livingroom has red and my dining room has blue but this year my daughter did me up one of each. They are each about 3' tall and I love having both colors!

Skooks said...

I don't have a color combo at all on my tree, but yours looks great!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

your tree is beautiful! thank you so much for sharing!!


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