Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My little girl is 10

Today H., officially hits her double digits birthday.


You are a fighter.
You were fighting, even before you were born.
No matter, what illness or struggle you have been handed
you have managed to come out stronger.
Only when you are in serious pain do you ever complain!

(trying to be cross-eyed)

You are witty and hilarious.
Much to my chagrin at times, you see the laughter in every situation.
I remember walking in to your hospital room for one of your early stays,
and you were excited that the nurse "had made your arm bigger
with a big bandage and needle in your hand".

You are creative and intelligent.
For nine years you managed to disguise that you were hearing impared.
(I'm still amazed by this fact)

You are my little helper.
When the cook books come out, you are right beside me.
(especially the cookie ones :-))
(Now if only you could keep your room clean)

You are my smiling face.
Through all of your health struggles, hospital stays and surgeries,
you always have a smile on your face.

You are my little fashionista.
Since the age of 4 you have had your own fashion sense
 when you declared that you would no longer wear blue, green,
grey or black because they were boys colours.
(...you are going to be an expensive teenager)
( ...and yes, 10 year old girls can still wear pink & purple)

You are my beautiful 10 year old little girl.

Love you forever H.!!

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Mom vs. the boys said...

awwww she is beautiful inside and out! Happy big 10!


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