Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hydrangea Love and a Sneak peak

Well there were groans and cheering heard all over the place this afternoon as school let out for the summer around these parts.  Groans from parents and cheers from these two...

Both of them came running through the back door and S. promptly threw her backpack in the garbage pail.  Ran over to me and screamed "I love this time of year!"  and started to do her "happy dance".  Two seconds later the second one ran through and did the exact same thing!  Groan, Groan.

Ok.  I'm done with my groaning. 

So the construction guys have made some progress on backyard reno and I can actually see the end in sight. 

This is the view from my kitchen patio door. Around the corner there is also a walkway.  At the very back you can also see the treehouse that I'm turning into a pool bar/treehouse. Hubby built that two summers ago.  There are two large pine trees growing through it. The fencing is also all new.  On the bottom right hand corner you can also see the post for the new pergola. And in case you are wondering, there is grass on the right side... or there will be when new sod is laid on the mud that is there now.

When I was out there "inspecting" last night I noticed that my Hydrangea was buried under some tools.  Boy was I peeved. I ran into the house and grabbed my shears and managed to save some blooms. The stems were a little warped and twisted, but I managed to get enought for a small bouquet.

I planted the bush last fall.  Are these pretty hardy?  I'm not sure how long they were under the tools.  I really hope they don't die until I can get out there to clean up the garden beds.

Anyhoo... I've hidden from the kids long enough. I'm going to go enjoy my flowers my kids. Enjoy your day!


Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

My girls have been out of school for almost a month, but school starts the 3rd week of August for us.
Looks like you have a big project going, but it's going to look great when it is finished. Your pool looks wonderful!
Thanks for the nice comment on my home tour and yard!

LoriD said...

My guys came home and we promptly chucked their lunch bags and recycled all their schoolwork. They were so excited, even though I had to drop them off at the babysitters about an hour earlier than they usually catch the school bus!

Your backyard is looking great... that's a lot of brick - no wonder it's taking so long! We're thinking of going with concrete (stamped? coloured?) but we need to do a lot of demolition work before that happens.

Bette said...

LoriD - if you decide to go with stamped concrete - let me know since my brother in law does it, and he lives near you. He did it around R&S's pool a couple of years back.


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