Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Update

When I started this blog I had every intention to fill it with inspiring and fun posts at least once a week.  Looking back on my posts... looks like that didn't happen.  So here are my excuses reasons:

1.  I have three kids that at one point or another over the past 6 months they have needed their mommy.

2. H., my 9 year old daughter was struggling in school and the teacher was "suggesting" we hold her back a year.  A week after this "suggestion" she brought home two math tests that were an A- and a A++ (she answered the bonus question).  hmmm... not the type of student that should be held back a year in grade 4.  Mother's instinct told me... something wasn't right.  After many, many tests, it turns out that she is moderately to severely hearing impaired on her right ear, and has some hearing loss on her left hear.  Given the fact that she can't hear, she has done great.  Let's just say that her teacher has now changed her tune.  She will be getting hearing aids soon, and I'm hoping grade 5 will be easier for both of us.

3.  My backyard is under major construction!  And no we are not doing the work ourselves.  My husband build a tree house between two trees a couple of years ago.  The kids never used it, so I'm having  it switched to a tiki bar.  ;-) Our deck ( 25+ years old) was rotting and cracking everywhere, so we are replacing it with interlocking brick slabs. And our swamp pond is now gone and being replaced with brick patio too. We've also replaced all the wood fencing, cause the old one was rotting too.  Right now, it's a big mud pit with all the rain we've been having around these parts.

4.  My camera is broken!!  Yeap!  Who wants to blog when there are no pictures!  Just 4 years ago I had 4 digital cameras and now nothing.  We bought the first one, the second and third my husband won them at golf tournaments and the fourth was a Christmas gift from his work.  I either sold or gave away the first three and now my last one doesn't work, and the backyard contractors ripped out the money tree that was growing the backyard.  >:-(

5.  A. is no longer in daycare.  I missed having him around.  Since he starts Junior Kindergarten in the Fall I wanted to enjoy his almost-four-year-old crazyness on a daily basis.  Of course this means that he has to be monitored  entertained constantly.

So that's about all I have to report for now.  I'm taking my camera to hopefully get repaired and then I'll post some pictures of the progress of the back yard.


LoriD said...

I'm sorry to hear about H.'s hearing loss. It must be such a relief to have some resolution in sight.

I'd love to see the backyard progress. Ours needs a major overhaul and we're trying to figure out how to move forward.

Bette said...

I'll post pictures as soon as I can of the backyard. Of course there are no before pictures 'cause of busted camera >:(

Anonymous said...

hey!! so sorry to hear about H. do they have any idea how this happened? has it always been there. i'd say she's doing awesome. i hope the hearing aids do the trick and she'll be well on her way to teaching all of us a thing or 2 ;)

can't wait to see the backyard. if it's anything like your kitchen it'll be gorgeous!!

Bette said...

No idea how it happened with H. She could've been born with nerve damage. Her last hearing test was when she was 3 1/2 and at the time she already had hearing loss, they thought the ear tubes what have cleared it up. I guess it didn't.


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