Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm a soccer mom!

Oooops... I just realized that the last time I posted was well over a month ago.  I have the best of intentions at the begginning of each month and then before you know it it's the end and the new month is half way through and... well you get the picture.  :)

This weekend we got the official e-mails from our kids soccer coaches welcoming them to their teams and introducing them to the new soccer season.  This season the two girls will be playing and/or practising on either a Monday or Wednesday and different places accross the city at about the same times plus or minus 30 minutes.  So, first thought... this is going to be a juggling soccer-mom nightmare! Hubby has decided to help out at as assistant coach on S.'s Under 12 team, so that will help with the drop off/pick up times.  The drawback is that I won't be able to see any of her games because I will be accross town at H's practice/games; and vice versa for hubby.  uuugggh  After closer inspection I noticed that there is an overlap of about 30 minutes at fields that near to each of the other on a couple of nights.  I might risk getting a speeding ticket and get to the other field to watch.

Ok enough of ranting about my scheduling nightmare and more to getting this season organized.

One thing that I do to keep myself organized and on budget throughout the season is to have favourite meals in the freezer at all times.  Time to stock up the freezer with our favourites!  I'd love to hear about what your family's favourite summer meals are...

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LoriD said...

our soccer doesn't start until after the long weekend in May - we'll be juggling three schedules, all on Mondays and Wednesdays. Luckily they are always at the same field (L&M at one field; Z at another field, about 5 minutes away by car). I'm the convenor for Z's league, so I'll have to put in more time there than the others, but I won't have to be there at every practic and game.

On soccer nights, we don't get hot meals. Throughout the summer we rely on salads (pasta, potato, bean, rice) prepared in advance and waiting in the fridge. I'll often buy a precooked ham and slice it up cold to serve with the salad. We'll also do sandwich fillings (egg, chicken salad and tuna) and make a up quick wrap to eat in the car (they also like peanut butter and banana roll-ups (wraps) in a pinch). With soccer starting at 6:00 and me not getting home until after 5:00, there's no time for cooking!


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