Friday, April 23, 2010

Cleaning out the fridge and Sour Cream Choc. Chip Muffins

My normal shopping day is Fridays.  In my area, I get my flyers on Thursday nights and all the new sales start on Fridays.

Thursday is designated Leftover dinner night, so that I can clean out the fridge and start fresh for the new week.

If I have any veggies left over I throw them in a pot with leftover meat, homemade broth and a few spices and create a Leftover soup.  Or I just heat everything up and put it on our kitchen island and call it Restaurant Buffet night.

Once the fridge is nearly empty, I wipe it down with a hot soapy water and it's ready for the next shopping trip.

This week I had a few bits and pieces in the fridge and pantry that needed to be used up: a little bit of sour cream, a couple of eggs, a handful of choc chips... hmmm... it was begginning to sound alot like Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Muffins.

They are yummy!

What's your pre-shopping routine?

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